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Online Therapy with Dr. Taia Willis

Meet Dr. Taia Willis

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Taia Willis, PhD, LMFT is certified/registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences. 

Dr. Taia Willis is a native of Oakland Ca. A born leader with a rich familial history rooted in Christian values, she is passionate and caring about all matters related to emotional and psychological wellness. After managing difficult life stressors including a divorce, medical struggles and familial losses; Dr. Taia has made a commitment to ensure that no one person is left behind due to lack of awareness and insight pertaining to mental well being. Today, Dr. Taia is currently a Clinician at a Crises Residential Facility and a Health Education instructor at Kaiser Permanente. 
Throughout her career, Dr. Taia was afforded the opportunity to serve as a Youth & Young Adult leader in her local church ministry, Behavioral counselors for both Alameda County Juvenile Hall and Alameda County Sheriff’s Dept Diversion program, and served apart of the leadership and outpatient team at Fremont Psychiatric Outpatient program and worked as both a Clinical Manager and Clinician at Pathways to Wellness Medication Clinics. With vast experience, Dr. Taia has become knowledgeable and has become expert in the behavioral health field.
Recently, Dr. Taia established Healing One Mind at a Time an organization dedicated to providing mental health services to all individuals and/or couples needing assistance.  

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I have been seeing Dr. Taia Willis for almost 2 years now. I can honestly say that she has supported me through some rough times in my life. I have since been a better mother, daughter, friend overall human being . The one thing that i do like ,is that I am able to be vulnerable without judgment and I feel that my personal experiences are what I'm going through or what I have to say does matter and that everything is done  confidentially.

Dr. Taia was on fire tonight. Dr. Taia discussions was not only engaging, but relevant and practical to real life. I am amazed at how many people are truly in pain. She made a lot of people see their life more clearly. You gave them a path in the direction of joy and true wellness, and we are so grateful. 

Just wanted to reach out to you and tell you thank you. Thank you for setting the bar high and for always going forth everything you set your mind to. It is because of you a lot of your little cousins have not quit school yet and enrolled back in school. You probably have no idea how much your post pushed me towards my goals and dreams. Every time I see “Dr. Taia” I automatically tend to my homework  So thank you! 

Love you 

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